Rent One!

Rent One for Me is our way of letting you share our select resorts.  Finding resorts like these using points on RCI or Interval International is really difficult.  Someone has to have banked it, for the week you want… Coordinating arrival and departure dates can be important when planning an extended stay.  We don’t like to waste money on Motels as we have become spoiled by being resort time owners.  We chose our “home resorts” carefully as to provide a great time in one of our select locations.

If you have interest in our units. Contact with your desired rental dates and we’ll check your dates, and get back to you with availability and rental rates. We require a $0.50 charge per inquiry. We use Paypal as the payment method. will be notified of payment before we check for availability. This secures the legitimacy of requests. Please don’t wait until the last minute to get into these great locations… plan at least 3 months or more in advance for Las Vegas, and 6 months to 11 months ahead for Hawaii.

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